ABMC - American Battle Monuments Commission

The American Battle Monuments Commission, established by the Congress in 1923, is an agency of the executive branch of the federal government.
ABMC, guardian of America’s overseas commemorative cemeteries and memorials, honors the service, achievements and sacrifice of U.S. Armed Forces.

ABMC’s commemorative mission includes:
 Designing, constructing, operating and maintaining permanent American cemeteries in foreign countries.
 Establishing and maintaining U.S. military memorials, monuments and markers where American armed forces have served overseas since April 6, 1917, and within the United States when directed by public law.
 Controlling the design and construction of permanent U.S. military monuments and markers by other U.S. citizens and organizations, both public and private, and encouraging their maintenance.


Belleau Remembrance Museum

Down the village of Belleau, not far away from the devil dog fountain, a small museum has been erected in order to honor the memory of the soldiers dead in the area. We invite you to visit it when you come to the cemetery of Belleau.


Chemin des Dames

All about the Chemin des Dames: History, monuments, and much more...


Chemins de Mémoire

The official website from French Government dedicated to the places of remembrance in France.


L’Aisne 1914-1918

A website about the places of remembrance in the Aisne.


La Marne 1914-1918

A website about the places of remembrance in Marne.


Maison du Tourisme "Les Portes de la Champagne"

All you need to know about the points of interest in the south of Aisne.


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