Places of Remembrance 1914-1918 > The Landowski GhostsThis monument is officially named « The National Monument of the Second Battle of the Marne ».
Ordered by the French Government and designed by Paul Landowski in 1919, it was inaugurated in July 1935 and was officially inscribed as a « Monument Historique » (Historical Monument). Located on the Chalmont Hill in the town of Oulchy-le-Château, this monument is made of granite.
It is structured into 3 parts: a statue called « France », four steps (one for each year of the war) and, on top of the hill, a monumental sculpture called « The Ghosts ». This eight-meter high sculpture represents a group of eight men with their eyes closed: a young recruit, a sapper, a machine-gunner, a grenadier, a colonial soldier, an infantryman, a pilot and the « ghost of death ».
Paul Landowski fought during WWI and he is best known for his « Christ the Redeemer » statue dominating Rio de Janeiro.
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